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Using Creativity to Highlight Issues

Posted on 03/11/2018 · Posted in Manfred Kwapong

One of the most POWERFUL and relevant campaigns I have ever seen! Worldwide, DomesticViolence spikes around football, with a 26% increase in England when the national team play. This campaign creatively connects and highlights the issue of domestic abuse in connection with participating countries. The painted faces and bodies also reflect how..
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Microsoft PowerPoint Presentation Workshop – Manfred

Posted on 20/06/2018 · Posted in Workshops

Microsoft Powerpoint Presentation Essentials- Free. This free workshop is open to everyone, however, our main target is school leavers and those not in education, employment or training. What you will learn: Powerpoint Essentials Tips and Tricks Build Powerful Presentations Graphs Design Register your interest by reserving a ticket: Manfred  

Finding the Right Keywords for Search Engine Marketing – Manfred

Posted on · Posted in SEO

Finding the right keywords and phrases is imperative to promoting your business online. A good Search Engine Marketing strategy combines both SEO and Paid Search and using the right keyword is essential for producing results. In Pays Per Click (PPC) Advertising there are obvious and direct implications for using the right keyword...
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Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) Scams: What to Look Out For – Manfred

Posted on 19/06/2018 · Posted in Online Marketing, SEO

Inexperience is one thing, but scamming is even worse. We expose the easy-to-recognise deceptive statements that fraudulent companies use: SEO scams are as old as search engine marketing itself. The frustrating thing is that people are obviously still falling for them. If you know what to look out for it’s..
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Beware the Online Content Thieves – Manfred

Posted on 21/03/2018 · Posted in Online Marketing, SEO

The Internet is so vast and so widely available that if you publish something online you can easily become a victim of plagiarism. Working in search engine marketing, I write many original articles for our clients and I always strive for my content to be interesting, informative or just entertaining. I..
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Search Engine Marketing Soft Sell – Manfred

Posted on 13/01/2018 · Posted in Online Marketing, SEO

When it comes to online marketing (or indeed offline marketing) people immediately put their guard up against the hard sell. In person the hard sell is sometimes successful, although it takes a lot of tact and skill to pull it off. Done poorly, the hard sell can actively drive business..
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We we will be right back with a few updates.

Posted on 25/07/2017 · Posted in Online Marketing

We have been working on a few exciting projects and have not had time to post.

Search Engine Marketing is about Strategy….

Posted on 01/04/2014 · Posted in Online Marketing, SEO

Search Engine Marketing is about Strategy NOT Stabbing in the Dark Companies who do not employ the correct online marketing techniques could be wasting time and money. Guessing at search terms is not sufficient, professional Search Engine Marketing companies will use programmes to determine what consumers are really searching for,..
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How to Spot Search Engine Marketers from Marketers on the Bandwagon

Posted on 15/03/2013 · Posted in Online Marketing

Search Engine Marketing has grown drastically in the past few years. Online Marketing Companies face more competition than ever as search engines continue to dominate. Unfortunately, not all of the competition is up to scratch. In the beginning, search engine marketing was relatively simple to navigate. Marketers were still exploring..
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Online Marketing is For People, Not Computers

Posted on 11/03/2013 · Posted in Online Marketing

There is concern amongst companies considering search engine marketing that their website copy may be compromised in favour of stuffing in as many key words as possible. It is a conundrum. What is the point of having punchy succinct copy if you do not have an audience for it in the first..
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