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When it comes to online marketing (or indeed offline marketing) people immediately put their guard up against the hard sell. In person the hard sell is sometimes successful, although it takes a lot of tact and skill to pull it off. Done poorly, the hard sell can actively drive business away and tarnish the reputation of the brand.

Online marketing is no different. Pop up advertising and email marketing is the closest the Internet gets to the hard sell. Done with tact, these methods can be successful, however it is a gamble. Unless the online marketing company uses specific strategy to target potential customers, it can be sloppy and expensive and it could even frustrate them and discourage them from ever using your brand.

No, people like to at least have the illusion that they are making their own decision, we all like to believe that it is entirely our own choice. Of course, online or offline, this is rarely actually the case. There are a vast number of controllable variables that lead someone to select one brand over another; that’s why marketing exists. Search Engine Marketing is the most popular form of online marketing. Customers search freely, without being pressured, and choose the company which best suits their needs. The aim of Search Engine Marketing is non intrusive, it is simply to make the website more visible on search engine listings. The encouragement is subtle and therefore somehow more trustworthy.

Search Engine Marketing can be broken down further into Pay Per Click (PPC)  and Search Engine Optimisation (SEO). The former is less subtle but it can help brand recognition and stability. PPC ads appear in a (now pink, once yellow) box at the top of Google’s search listings, and in a column to the right. PPC is easier to track and manage and it also gives credibility to a company, however, it can also be expensive and so it requires a lot of planning and revising.

Search Engine Marketing is subtle and effective. Online businesses have seen the proof of its success and that explains why it has been the fastest growing marketing medium in recent years.

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