Online Marketing is For People, Not Computers

Posted on 11/03/2013 · Posted in Online Marketing

There is concern amongst companies considering search engine marketing that their website copy may be compromised in favour of stuffing in as many key words as possible. It is a conundrum. What is the point of having punchy succinct copy if you do not have an audience for it in the first..
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Online Marketing Must be Finely Tuned

Posted on 15/11/2012 · Posted in Online Marketing

Pay Per Click advertising can be a costly business if creativity and logic are not combined to create great adtext and a website which will convert clicks into sales. Manfred stresses the importance of strategy to get the best ROI for their clients. One of the main efforts of a..
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Ethical Online Marketing

Posted on 09/11/2012 · Posted in Online Marketing

The Ethical Boundaries of Online Marketing   Recently (a few years back) thousands of Facebook users’ details were compiled into a single online directory which can be easily downloaded by anyone. This has alerted people of the potential risks of displaying personal information online. The longer that comprehensive data is..
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