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Inexperience is one thing, but scamming is even worse. We expose the easy-to-recognise deceptive statements that fraudulent companies use:

SEO scams are as old as search engine marketing itself. The frustrating thing is that people are obviously still falling for them. If you know what to look out for it’s very easy to spot a spammer

  1. Guaranteed Rankings

Search engine optimisation is dependent on two factors. Controllable (your website) and Influential (social noise, links and much more). No Online Marketing Company can honestly claim to have decoded Google’s algorithm, which is continuously morphing anyway. They might be able to guarantee rankings on obscure keywords, but relevant (not vanity) keywords are much harder to master.


  1. Submitted To Thousands of Search Engines

This sounds like a big claim, but honestly it is meaningless. There are really only 3 main search engines you have to concern yourself with. Google is used by a whopping 92.3% of search engine users. Bing is used by 3.17% and Yahoo are close behind with 2.95% which leaves only 1.58% for all other search engines.


  1. Fast Results

There are no quick fixes in search engine optimisation. It might sound tiresome, but as ever, decent quality work takes time. A lot of SEO companies make the mistake of uploading a barrage of optimised web pages and articles to link back to their client’s site all in one go, believing that this will produce fast results. In actual fact, search engines can detect this and they instantly penalise websites that are obviously manipulating the system. Good SEO is steady and gradual.


  1. Charging Cheap or Extortionate Amounts

If a Search Engine Marketing Company offers to do your SEO for a flat rate of, say, £80 then just don’t bother. As already mentioned, good SEO takes time, man hours. Truly skilled search engine marketing services are not cheap. However, a large amount is also not necessarily representative of the quality of the service. Get examples of their previous work and find out about their strategy, see where your money is going. If you are considering forking out on an expensive service make sure you really know what you’re getting for that money. This leads me on to my next point.


  1. Withholding Information

There are no secrets in search engine marketing. There’s no “Mama’s super special secret ingredient.” You are investing good money in a strategy and you deserve to know exactly what you are paying for. Each Online Marketing Company has should have a strategy. Ensure it is solid and accountable.


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