Posted on 11/03/2013 · Posted in Online Marketing

There is concern amongst companies considering search engine marketing that their website copy may be compromised in favour of stuffing in as many key words as possible.

It is a conundrum. What is the point of having punchy succinct copy if you do not have an audience for it in the first place? Equally, what is the point of having a high ranking website at the expense of good copy that will convert clicks into sales?

Of course these questions are based on the assumption that SEO copy cannot be readable. There is no question that keyword stuffing simply isn’t effective. Luckily, Google and the like have cottoned on to cheap search engine marketing techniques such as keyword stuffing. As the bots became more advanced, SEO techniques have also had to evolve. But there are still online marketing companies who think it is sufficient simply to target their copy at the bots that rank websites.

Some SEO companies perceive their job to be formulaic, a list of rules and methods to be conducted to attain a high ranking. These companies forget that online marketing exists to engage with the online community. Truly effective search engine marketing involves creatively incorporating keywords into useful, accessible and interesting content.

Keywords by their nature are pertinent to the services of the website. With a little creativity and good copywriting ability, well-chosen keywords should be easy to incorporate into relevant and engaging content.

Effective web design is also extremely beneficial in masking keyword rich text. If the website is easy to navigate and interesting to interact with then the text instantly becomes more readable.

Unless the website copy is designed principally with the target audience in mind, ranking highly on search listings is of little consequence. Search Engine Marketers should take the approach that ultimately they are talking to a person, no matter how indirect and protracted the overall process may be.

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Manfred Kwapong is a seasoned multimedia and digital marketing expert, with over 15 years experience. Manfred has a passion for community and often runs free specific skills-based workshops to help those not in employment, education, or training.