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Search Engine Marketing has grown drastically in the past few years. Online Marketing Companies face more competition than ever as search engines continue to dominate. Unfortunately, not all of the competition is up to scratch.

In the beginning, search engine marketing was relatively simple to navigate. Marketers were still exploring and creating new techniques to improve the rating of their websites and search engines were only beginning to second-guess these techniques and establish rules. When search engine marketing was in its initial stages most people could forage into SEO without any training or knowledge of the system.

Early Online Marketing Companies have a distinct advantage over their newer rivals. Having developed with the times they have had time to adapt and refine their strategy as and when major search engines change their algorithms. Therefore, as a general rule of thumb, more established search engine marketing companies are more proficient. However, don’t rule out newer companies as several of these have sprung from successful older companies and can offer good rates for their services.

Many Online Marketing companies have a history in traditional marketing, but promoting your website is a priority you have to ensure that the company specialises in search engine marketing and that it isn’t just an afterthought. You can usually decipher whether a marketing company is serious about SEO by looking at examples of their clients’ websites.

Is there a substantial amount of content? Is the content descriptive of the company’s services? If the answer to both of these is yes then it is a good indicator that the web developers are serious about SEO. Content is an important factor in SEO. It is important to disperse keywords and search terms in amongst the content to increase the relevance of the website. Traditional marketers tend to use flashy gimmicks and focus on attractive images to draw attention. By all means this works well for established websites, but for those looking to improve rankings it is not so effective.

When you invest in a marketing company you are putting your business on the line. It is make or break. Ensure that the company you choose specialises in the area you want to focus on. Look at their website and figure out what their priorities are and discern whether they are likely to deliver what you want.

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