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Finding the right keywords and phrases is imperative to promoting your business online. A good Search Engine Marketing strategy combines both SEO and Paid Search and using the right keyword is essential for producing results.

In Pays Per Click (PPC) Advertising there are obvious and direct implications for using the right keyword. If you choose a keyword which is not directly relevant to your service or product, then you could be forking out a lot of money without ever seeing results. PPC advertising must utilise very carefully selected Adtext which involves a highly relevant keyword and which directly reflects your services.

“Relevence” is a buzzword within Online Marketing. PPC campaigns are most effective and give the best Return on Investment if it is made specific in the Adtext about the type of service you provide. For example, if you are a travel company selling expensive tailor made holidays to India you may choose the key phrase “Holidays India”, but within your Adtext you must specify, “Luxury, Bespoke Holidays to India” to avoid clicks through from those looking for a bargain deal. Online Marketing Companies refer to this as “prequalifying” enquiries.

Another subcategory of Search Engine Marketing is of course SEO. Because SEO relies on visitors finding your website organically you should use research and reasoning to predict the trend of behaviour your potential visitor will use to narrow down their search.  Choosing the right keywords is the beginning of this process. Online Marketing Companies use programmes to select the right keywords and will research your competitors to see what techniques have worked for them. If the best keywords are not given the right level of attention the effectiveness of your entire campaign will be compromised.

Keywords are utilised throughout an Online Marketing campaign and are arguably the most important aspect to determine success. Strategic Marketers use keywords to optimise your website, in external linking and Adtext. It is imperative that you are assured that you choose the right keywords and phrases.


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