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Pay Per Click advertising can be a costly business if creativity and logic are not combined to create great adtext and a website which will convert clicks into sales. Manfred stresses the importance of strategy to get the best ROI for their clients.

One of the main efforts of a Search engine marketing company that offers PPC advertising should be on pre-qualifying traffic directed to their clients’ websites. Manfred explain that this involves specifying the exact service that the business offers to avoid paying for clicks from visitors who don’t intend to use the service. This must be done creatively as the ad-text allows for a very limited number of characters.

Ideally the adtext should involve a highly relevant keyword. Online Marketing Companies use tools to find keywords used in competitors websites and adtext and industry trade magazine content to find which terms are sought after and widely used.

The more specific the PPC strategy the better and this is best achieved by creating links directly to an express page within the website, ideally to the point of sale. For example, people searching for “Fujifilm Camera” will find that John Lewis are at the top of the sponsored listings with a link that leads straight to the price listings of their cameras; two clicks later and the visitor could be making their transaction.

The usability of the website is equally crucial to initiating sales. A good Online Marketing company will either assist their clients with their web design, or offer advice on how it can be improved. They key factor is that the transition from clicking on the link to getting to the point of sale should be quick and intuitive. Competition online is tough and if the visitor finds the process laboured they will simply move onto the next available site.

We at Manfred, are getting measurable results on their Search Engine Marketing. They attribute this achievement to their emphasis on strategy and creativity. Investing in an Online Marketing company who has good references and can demonstrate their success can save a company a surprising amount of money.

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